About this Artist and Site

About this Artist and Site
Photo used in promoting Art Beggar. An Interactive piece first performed at San Diego Art of Pride, 2015. 

This is a sex positive site, intended for legal adults 18+ due to words, nudity, and sexual content in some of the visual art and poetry.
I am Richard B ChauDavis, San Diego artist (born 1956), doing my art since graduating from UCSB College of Creative Studies with a Bachelor of Arts in 1979. Married (1) with children (2), cisgender, Christian, bisexual, monogamous, he/him/they/them. Art that's often naked, edgy, ethical, sexual, multimedia, performance, composite, archival... Your contributions act as encouragement and help me present the art, cover costs (materials, shows, framing, models...) so that presenting this art to you and others is a cost shared between myself and you.

Everyone who joins this site www.rbcdart.com (free, premium or comped) receives the monthly newsletter, A Public Newsletter (SFW). All Premium Tiers have the same benefits; full access to the sites posts; 20% discount on art and books; . Free members receive A Public Newsletter (SFW), their post access on site is limited to public (all age) posts and newsletters. Contact me (Richard) if you want full access but don't want to contribute financially. I can turn your Free Membership into a Comped Premium membership.

Fred Marinello's daughter suggested Ghost.org to host www.rbcdart.com after I left Patreon. It has proved a good suggestion. The premium subscriber (patron) or free subscriber logs in with their email, no password required. When subscribing to a premium tier, the credit card info is held by Stripe (not myself or Ghost). Stripe is very solid.

A member can sign up or cancel each of the newsletters by logging into their account, clicking on the green button and then manage on the emails button. The three newsletters are:
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This is the default newsletter automatically sent to all members. Published monthly on the 4th Monday. If a free subscriber goes to the website they can see all the tagged public posts at https://www.rbcdart.com/tag/public/.
Baer's Complete Reveal Newsletter (NSFW)
A monthly (3rd Monday) newsletter for paying or comped subscribers showing what I have been posting over the last 4 weeks. Links in the newsletter lead back to the original post on www.rbcdart.com for a closer look. Paying Subscribers are automatically opted in but can cancel easily (see below).
As They Happen Posts
Like the title says, everytime I post a copy is sent to the subscriber's inbox. Premium members (comped or paid) get all, free members get the public posts.

To cancel any email newsletter, use your account controls or email me. To cancel your account and pledge contact me by email. If you do not visit the site in 6 months or have an under 35% viewing rate I will delete your free membership (you can sign up again if you like). If you are sending me support money, do as you like... Contact me at (rbchaudavis@gmail.com) or phone/text (619-337-5489) if you have any questions, ideas, or requests. You can also reply to any newsletter I send you. I will get the message and try to act on it immediately.

I create tags on the site which allow me to share in depth and link things together. #Everything lists posts in order of age, newest first. All the other tags are accessible from the site search feature (looking glass in the upper right corner of each page). Type a year into search (ex: #zzz-1990) to see what I was doing that year. This site is filling out with information and images steadily recounting my history and present as an artist. Somewhat current list of Tags at www.rbcdart.com/tag-index/ or just use the sites search feature.

Enjoy, Comment, Suggest!

Richard B ChauDavis