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The following are tags that various posts are grouped under, creating an index of posts by type. At the end of this index are listings by year (zzz-XXXX). These tags create a living index for this site.

Abstract Art - museo de rbcdart
For Richard, An abstract piece tends to happen when he’s responding to the ground, the paint, the razor blade, and whatever music might be playing… void of representation...
Ace - museo de rbcdart
An occasional muse. When they come around interesting and unusual things happen. The banana booth is one example. They wish to remain anonymous.
AI Sketch - museo de rbcdart
As the tools become available in a less censoring way, I will be sketching with them. Generative fill in Adobe Photoshop Beta gives me hope. Right now, replacing heads, creating backgrounds, making up stories... a lot of drifting into the dreamscapes.
Angelica Angeles - museo de rbcdart
Angel is an artist, muse, model, producer, director and activist in the LGBTQ+ community.
Animals - museo de rbcdart
The not human sort. I went from wanting to be a zoologist to marine biologist and then psychologist. After a bit counseling friends, I decided, no, I just want to draw naked people…
Ano - museo de rbcdart
Primary Muse, wishes to remain anonymous, has kept Richard working and inspired for decades.
Another SFW Monthly Public Newsletter - museo de rbcdart
So I created this newsletter for those people interested in my non-nude, public, and non-sexual stuff only. You know, mostly family and certain friends…
ArtGymSD - museo de rbcdart
ArtGymSD: Created by Roberta Kuntz and Richard ChauDavis, ArtGymSD provided art studio space and other features for its members to use on a part time basis. ArtGymSD had several outreach programs into the community to enable being an artist. In general, ArtGymSD provided a communal censor free p…
Artifacts - museo de rbcdart
These are the artifacts, the work I turn out. There is so much time invested in them. They were not made with a market in mind. I did try but so far this having patrons works much better. These artifacts count in my budget as advertising...
Art of Pride - museo de rbcdart
Art of Pride at the San Diego Pride Festival is always fun. Good people, it is a wonderful safe spot where people let their hair down and have a really good time. I have tried a lot of interactive pieces there over the years... John Keasler is a saint.
Available - museo de rbcdart
Miniatures, Artcards, Artifacts, and whatever made thing I have available for sale or show I will try and tag ‘available.’ Contact me and I will make sure it is still around and if it is, we can figure out some way it for it to be yours…
Baer’s Complete Reveal (a monthly NSF newsletter) - museo de rbcdart
A monthly newsletter aimed at showing what Richard has been posting on site since the last issue. Links in the newsletter lead back to the original post on www.rbcdart.com. 18+ because of occasional nudity and sex positive content
Beach - museo de rbcdart
Richard lives in San Diego and occasionally wanders to the beach. Walks on the sand, pigeons, sandpipers, mermaids. The beach is a very magical place.
BLM - museo de rbcdart
All pieces and projects that are based on Black Lives Matter or Saying Their Names
Books - museo de rbcdart
Mostly picture books with remarkably few words. Still, so far, at least one tiny book of odd prose. Premium members are better off financially (20% discount) buying directly from me (Richard ChauDavis). Some books like the C-Note series are only available from Richard or (hopefully) a gallery or…
Bridgett - museo de rbcdart
Definitely a muse, was in and out of my life modeling during artgym and then a few times after, so many of her poses turned into finished works for me.
Chats - museo de rbcdart
Video chats like on Zoom or Crowdcast. These are usually edited after the meeting and stored on Vimeo and here (if not deleted). Latest Zoom can be found at https://www.rbcdart.com/upcoming-video-chats/
Collaboration - museo de rbcdart
Maria, Miguel, Angelica, Kay, Ano, Kris, Ace... So much of the cool stuff is a joint effort. I’m not sure where or even if to draw the line between patron, muse, and model. The are all collaborators. Here are some cases where a line was definitely crossed.
DarkSpace - museo de rbcdart
The DarkSpace goes all the way back to college days and 3 or so decades after. I painted 2 garages black, created little dark spaces. It involved blurry pictures, getting the split minute instead of the split second. The trolls and angels we occasionally see in the corner of our eye.
Destroyed - museo de rbcdart
Destroyed, peeled, painted over, or thrown away is not the same as never created or abandoned.
Digital - museo de rbcdart
These are not just photographs (anymore). These use the photographic imagery to create something in the computer as opposed to on a cradled hardboard or canvas. To keep things simple this is finished work that may or may not have been printed, may or may not have been seriously played with. If I…
Dolls - museo de rbcdart
So I am still in a doll phase. Did a body of work trying to work with it. Photoshoots at the beach with mermaid dolls, the park with more normal ones. Went to swap meets and garage sales trying to find ones that had their hair trimmed, face painted, etc. Hung Barbies on the Christmas tree for qu…
EGeb - museo de rbcdart
Artist, friend, Model and Muse. She did a lot of photoshoots with me and Georgia in the Darkspace. EGeb loves Halloween and created some very memorable images.
Equinox Dance Troupe - museo de rbcdart
Very nice commision that in exchange for rights to the photos I would create a cover for an upcoming show program
Fanart - museo de rbcdart
Someone creates something wonderful and I want to sing along, play with the tune, offer my respects. Some creators encourage this participation, some don’t. I assume they do (unless their Disney). I am willing to destroy it, if they don’t. There is no money in this for me, willing to share if th…
Framed - museo de rbcdart
As of 2024, I have started working with Michelle of Ray Street Framers to finish the pieces. My works have gone from ‘ready to hang’ to ‘ready to hang gloriously.’
Fred Marinello - museo de rbcdart
Friend, Patron, Artist, and Inspiration. I have a lot of his work, he has a lot of mine. Not sure why he gets his own tag other than my life has become very woven with him. I expect there will be a lot of posts with something and also (incidentally) Fred Marinello.
Georgia Houston - museo de rbcdart
Muse and Model during the DarkSpace times
Hans Corner - museo de rbcdart
Hans offers me suggestions and guidance. While I am sure that I am disappointing him, I am trying. These are some of my efforts.
Henry (Hank) Gross
A good friend for years and years, a very good artist. Someone in need of his own ‘museo de gross’ and a much better retirement plan.
Hillcrest Walk in Art - museo de rbcdart
I participated in many of the Hillcrest’s Walk in Art pop-ups. Over time it was managed by several different people for the Hillcrest Business Association. While they had great ideas... First I was a guest where I setting up without a booth, taking pictures of people. Giving out photo magnets of…
Ideas - museo de rbcdart
Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t…
Jaron Stokes - museo de rbcdart
Artist, Model, and Muse all jumbled together
Jeff Brosbe’s AGSD Photography - museo de rbcdart
Jeff Brosbe was responsible for the monthly photography session. Gallery lighting, a 3 hour photo shoot, and very talented models made this an exciting and productive event for photographers. A signed model release was included in the $20 dollar charge to participate. The models had control and were encouraged (begged) to do what they wanted, types of costumes (or lack), poses, etc.
Jonathan Williams - museo de rbcdart
Jonathan is my friend and a daily painter that has participated with and supported me over the years.
Jono - museo de rbcdart
Artist, traveler, patron, retired model and muse
Kay - museo de rbcdart
Lifelong Muse, patron and friend, wishes to remain anonymous, humours me.
Kerry Ray - museo de rbcdart
Model, Muse, and Artist
Landscape - museo de rbcdart
Artwork dealing with places from the up close to the far distant.
Larry Caveney - museo de rbcdart
The man, the master. I have shown in his garage, done interactive pieces, traded work and general had a great time with Larry. Sad he moved away from San Diego. Larry and Karen seem happy though..
Lora ChauDavis - museo de rbcdart
Lora has maintained a separate art practice since they were a preteen. We have shared space over the years in studio and at various pop-ups.
Maria ChauDavis - museo de rbcdart
Partner, Artist, Inspiration, Critic...
Michelle Gregoire - museo de rbcdart
Model Coordinator, Model, and artist
Miniatures - museo de rbcdart
These are mostly art cards, 2.5 x 3.5 inches, some other pieces around that size range. Below 4x6 anyway. Fred Marinello got me into doing these. Very easy to store and show. I am no longer trading but willing to sell...
Mirror - museo de rbcdart
This is a 2024 project that shifted to a 3x1 format inspired and suggested by Ano.
Morning Routine - museo de rbcdart
Brushing teeth, getting ready in the morning, and brushing teeth has been a theme over the course of my life as an artist.
Mostly Square Artifacts 2013 - museo de rbcdart
The work I took on after leaving my leadership position at ArtGymSD at SDAI’
Nude - museo de rbcdart
Nude covers a lot, still it is basically why I got into art. I am still interested after all these years. Very easy way to bring a smile to my face. Here is a lot of things I’ve done that involve a naked person.
OMA - museo de rbcdart
Oceanside Museum of Art. Very active in the art community with its artist alliance. I try to show, donate, and interact with them as much as I can. Picture was found on this link https://oma-online.org/visit/
Pandemic Life Drawing - museo de rbcdart
After ArtGymSD at Escondido and SDAI there was a pandemic. I got together with Michelle Gregoire and we figured out wages for video life drawing sessions. People signed up getting a month pass by pledging $25 on my Patreon account. Michelle had donations (thank you Kim Ogburn). Between us we cov…
Peeled - museo de rbcdart
Peeling is where I take the surface off a piece in part or whole. Often it is a finished piece. I do this because the paper left behind is wonderful to work on. The first couple times I did abstracts relishing the action between paint, pens, and Paper.
Penelope - museo de rbcdart
In the beginning there was Penelope, Muse, Model, and Friend, they wish to remain anonymous
Photograph - museo de rbcdart
Just a photograph after the negative is developed in Photoshop or Lightroom
Porch - museo de rbcdart
The Porch Works are based on a series of very explicit photos and video. It has been the source material for an number of finished pieces. The Porch shoots were running near the end of the DarkSpace shoots.
Process - museo de rbcdart
I am always testing, playing, trying to get things to the point... these posts are along those lines.
Projects - museo de rbcdart
Projects are varied but usually involve a series of events. Examples are the two year learning project of Saying Their Names (tag BLM), JB’s AGSD Photography, Pandemic Life Drawing. This is a constantly updating tag. Click on a project and you get a public explanation page with links to all the r…
Promotions - museo de rbcdart
I will occasionally do promotion, offers, etc. Most of them are very good deals... I hope.
Proofs - museo de rbcdart
I used to print a proof sheet or have a whole roll printed into 4x6 pictures. Now I import into Lightroom to do basic developing and cropping where I can get an idea how to work each individual picture in a set. These are not actual proof sheets (I shredded those). These are basic images that I th…
Public - museo de rbcdart
These are the public posts on site that I remembered to tag public…
Public - museo de rbcdart
These are the public posts on site that I remembered to tag public...
Ray St / NP Nights - museo de rbcdart
At one time there were quite a few galleries on Ray St. giving birth to Ray at Night... ah well. I had fun with Hank doing my blurry picture thing. He played assistant and sold his work on the side. He latter ran a pop-up gallery on Ray at Night. Historical Daily posts for Ray at Night will be a…
Rbcd - museo de rbcdart
Artist, model, www.rbcdart.com creator, enabler. Married (1) with children (2), cisgender, Christian, bisexual, monogamous, art that’s edgy, sexual, multimedia, performance, composite, archival. www.rbcdart.com
Roberta Kuntz - museo de rbcdart
Workmate, artist, patron, art enabler, dear friend, and co-creator of ArtGymSD
Ron Reekers - museo de rbcdart
Ron is a long time friend and artist that moved away. We were part of Glen’s Gathering when Ron was pursuing his art in San Diego. We both ran online life drawing sessions and artist critiques.
Room Service (no tell motel) - museo de rbcdart
I did a motel shoot in 3-25-2004. I created a composite that Joe Flazh! loved and wanted to do a whole show on. There were only 42 images from the shoot and I was (at the time) unable to take more snaps. So over a period of time I created 20 pieces and had a show in San Pedro! Family, interesting strangers, and friends came. All in all, a great experience.
SDAI (old) - museo de rbcdart
When I came to San Diego I began showing and volunteering for SDAI under Shirly Viennese. Even then SDAI would show my work if a juror selected it. I was a board member, counter help, all around volunteer. After stepping away for a bit, I came back and started showing again. I also started volunteering and was hired occasionally as an independent contractor under Tim Fields and Kerstin Robers. I cleaned toilets, worked the register, and ran an Art Gym with Roberta Kuntz. SDAI has closed.
Sex Positive - museo de rbcdart
In 2023 I noticed HRC used the phrase Sex Positive to describe their philosophy. Wikipedia article on the concept: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex-positive_movement. Sex Positive is a subset of Sexual, a very healthy and inclusive subset that runs counter to the Sex Negative subset that I was raised on and scarred by.
Shows - museo de rbcdart
This is about shows I’m in, giving, generally participating in some fashion. I make therefore I show.
Sign - museo de rbcdart
I love signs, people holding them in photograph, street signs, signs in the painting. So simple...
Social Justice - museo de rbcdart
I tend to step forward in matters of faith, someone being treated poorly, a few hot button issues. I was not up to speed on Black Lives Matter until I spent 2 years saying their names and reading their stories...
Stereographs - museo de rbcdart
A person came through SDAI’s Gathering a few decades back and explained about cross-eyed stereographs, I was taking to slightly different pictures of everything for a while after that. Look at the two pictures with your eyes slightly crossed and then focus on the third picture that appears between…
Street - museo de rbcdart
Often at a show, pop-up, of festival I do something interactive. This tends to make things more interesting for me and the people walking by. Sometimes I set up odd situations like brushing teeth or begging. Often I am taking pictures and handing out prints. Sometimes people also sign model rele…
Stuart Schwartz - museo de rbcdart
Exhibitionist, author, experienced model, friend, muse. https://sdweg.org/blog/10735993
Studio Burlesque - museo de rbcdart
Ano and I have been doing a series of fairly wild shoots inside the studio. This has been going on for a while now. I hope to organize things a bit under this tag. Odd seeing age set in... seems to keep things real.
Tainted Milk - museo de rbcdart
I used this title for a series of interactive pop-ups and a one person show I had at SDAI. Tim Fields helped set the one person show up, did an incredible job. Tainted Milk refers to a milk tragedy that happened in China. Even the chinese milk candies I love so much were careful to explain on the…
The Studio Door (Patric Stillman) - museo de rbcdart
Artist, friend, Studio Door, patron, and occasional model
Thumbprint - museo de rbcdart
Founded in 2009 by Paul Ecdao and Johnny Tran, Thumbprint Gallery curates monthly and pop-up exhibitions featuring emerging, mid-career, and established artists with a focus on contemporary pop culture, nostalgia, urban art and pop surrealism. Over the years I have shown with them in several different pop-up locations, mostly at Bar Basic in downtown San Diego. They have consistently supported local artists in all the time I have known them. They are exceptional people.
Trash - museo de rbcdart
I first did Trash at a Lori Lipsman show Vacancy II. It has become a staple for me culminating with Abandoned Art at the Desert Dairy in 2022. I publicly scattered, crumpled, tore, and stuffed trash bags with art, Placed it all in a kitchen... lost some more on top of the fridge. It was as th…
Unofficial Art Fair (Lafayette) - museo de rbcdart
I was invited to the both fairs by Eric Wong on Larry Caveney’s recommendation. I thought they and the fairs were both brilliant and have generated a lot of work out of the pictures taken. I also started Patreon at the 2018 Unofficial Art Fair.
UU Bard Hall - museo de rbcdart
Hank got me to go to Bard Hall. It is still going on at the UU Art Guild. Mollie Kellogg and John Keasler ran it brilliantly for the most of the time I was there.
Video - museo de rbcdart
Occasionally I make a video about something. This can blend with ‘Chats’ but usual is focused on a painting or some project or other
Wade Series - museo de rbcdart
I took several pictures in an attempt to get something Wade would swap me for. Hasn’t happened yet... A lot of pieces were generated from that quick shoot.
WAYPO - museo de rbcdart
I asked several people ‘What Are You Proud Of’ at home, studio, the pride offices, and Art of Pride
Wildlife - museo de rbcdart
All creatures not human. So far, I have a passing interest in animals. Odd as I was going to be a zoologist and then a marine biologist when I was younger. I do think of individuals from other species as individuals; same as you or I. Feel a bit awkward interrupting their lives. Dogs and cats a…
Words - museo de rbcdart
Words is kinda a catch . All words, poems, prose, poems, and mutterings. I have tried to incorporate words into paintings. I like writing verse. My books tend to be picture books. I had a writer’s block in college. Over it now.
Yoni Baker - museo de rbcdart
I first meet Yoni when I was working ArtGymSD at SDAI. He contacted me and and explained he was looking for work. Since that time, he has found a lot of work in San Diego and beyond. He has always been generous to me, participating with my various projects.
Zara Jeffrey - museo de rbcdart
Model, Muse, Friend of Friends...
Zoe Tantrum - museo de rbcdart
Model, Muse, performer, musician, artist and all around interesting person. aka Zoe Sol https://www.instagram.com/thatwitchzoe/
zzz-1977 - museo de rbcdart
In 1977 I was attending the UCSB’s College of Creative Studies, learning to be a visual artist. Bob Marx photography, Hank Pitcher painting, Margaret Ejima drawing...
zzz-1978 - museo de rbcdart
College Year. A lot of these images are hard to date. I have generically thrown them into the year of 1978. This is when I was learning photography from Bob Marx, painting from Hank Pitcher, drawing from Margaret Ejima. I earned money as a life drawing model and got into the College of Creative…
zzz-1980 - museo de rbcdart
I had graduated from UCSB, living in Maria’s old room in a boarding house. 2 blocks from the Frazee I worked at and my studio across the street from the Frazee store. Taking pictures of people doing their lives...experimenting, using a public darkroom to develop pictures.
zzz-1983 - museo de rbcdart
1983, a year after Maria and I are married and living in Golden Hills in San Diego. I was working at Frazee in their Mission Valley Art Department, briefly in the paint department. I was a volunteer at SDAI, showed my work there regularly. So it begins, 39 years latter we are still in San Diego.…
zzz-1985 - museo de rbcdart
We have moved out of Golden Hills to La Mesa where family has helped us buy a house. Maria, I, Jamie, Patty, and various friends cover the rent (large house). Maria builds me a dark room and I paint the garage black. The DarkSpace goes on overdrive.
zzz-1987 - museo de rbcdart
Photoshoots in the Darkspace with Eugenie and Georgia. Just moved into a new house in beautiful La Mesa, painted the garage black. Maria built me a Darkroom.
zzz-1988 - museo de rbcdart
Kathleen did work as a troll... I showed pictures from this series in several of the SDAI monthly shows.
zzz-1989 - museo de rbcdart
My one person show (among other things) at SDAI where I painted my space black and took pictures of people off the street.
zzz-1990 - museo de rbcdart
Living on Marengo, doing the DarkSpace with Eugenie, learning about being a parent, working for Frazee, showing at SDAI
zzz-1991 - museo de rbcdart
A Bad Day, Some Dancers, The Shop, myself, EGeb, and Georgia
zzz-1999 - museo de rbcdart
We have moved again. First to an apartment in Kearny Mesa then, 6 months latter... We have money from selling the house in La Mesa and family helps again. We get the house in San Carlos instead of a condo in Mira Mesa. We have been there ever since.
zzz-2002 - museo de rbcdart
Working with photoshop and negative scans, learning. A lot of family stuff going on... Church...
zzz-2003 - museo de rbcdart
Did my first Digital Shoot with my first digital camera. Early Canon Eos Rebel, out of the box on full automatic., layering instead of blurring...
zzz-2004 - museo de rbcdart
Did the motel room shoot, created a print that Joe Flazh! liked and also wanted to give me a show based around. The model was no longer available. I got very busy layering those 35 images in different combinations.
zzz-2005 - museo de rbcdart
The gathering has had a major impact on my life. First at Glens, then at various peoples houses (even mine), then at SDAI. 2005 also looks like a lot of time at the beach...
zzz-2006 - museo de rbcdart
2006 one of 3 years that went into Room Service and a whole lot more.
zzz-2007 - museo de rbcdart
So much happening, and, of course, the fairies!
zzz-2008 - museo de rbcdart
Photo shoot with Tracy, No on 8 protests with the family, some beach stuff... an interesting year
zzz-2009 - museo de rbcdart
LA Erotic Book Launch, Ray St, SDAI (always SDAI until it’s not)
zzz-2010 - museo de rbcdart
Vague memories of cantaloupes, kitchen scenes, pajama parties... all public and full of art...
zzz-2011 - museo de rbcdart
The year of ’What are you proud of´ and the start of Richard and Roberta trying to get an Art Gym off the ground.
zzz-2012 - museo de rbcdart
ArtGym at SDAI and other places, Roberta and I have high hopes. Many of those hopes were not realized, still it was glorious. So many other events as well
zzz-2013 - museo de rbcdart
Back to painting, the SDAI thing ended strangely, still, so relieved. Mostly square artifacts is the next bold step. Using my photographs as underprints to pursue texture with paint will keep me going until 2022 where I decide to pursue other forms.
zzz-2014 - museo de rbcdart
Helping Jeff with the photoshoots, San Diego Pride with Maria... life is good
zzz-2015 - museo de rbcdart
Alternate venues, UU Art Guild, Art Beggar at SD Art of Pride, reaching back...
zzz-2016 - museo de rbcdart
Photo shoots with dolls, Susan comes home, more pop-ups and alternate venues...
zzz-2017 - museo de rbcdart
Temporary revival of ArtGymSD at EAP Municipal Gallery, Aries I Am in all sorts of ways, no more paint job, Alki Yoga...
zzz-2018 - museo de rbcdart
Last shows with Fred, Lafayette, Stu taking showers, Triple bypass, stock photography, cell phone photo shoots...
zzz-2019 - museo de rbcdart
Maria’s bread faces, Pace gallery, all sorts of photo shoots, designer haircuts, a very productive year
zzz-2020 - museo de rbcdart
Pandemic Life drawing, Sepulcher, Saying Their Names, Gage, texted selfies, art cards at the Studio Door
zzz-2021 - museo de rbcdart
Hosting life drawing and photography, Saying Their Names, Hillcrest Walk in Art, Kerry Ray, Miguel Comic Commision, a seductive little doll...
zzz-2022 - museo de rbcdart
Crow, Change Tree, Saying Their Names, Desert Dairy, Hillcrest Walk in Art, Stu up close, Abandoned Art, Epiphany, Not Dead Yet DOD, SD Art of Pride Show, Tannic Acid...
zzz-2023 - museo de rbcdart
After a 2 week retreat to the Desert Dairy 2023 started as a life review on www.rbcdart. Going back and redeveloping past shoots, publishing C-note books, constantly working, creating and hopefully spending time on the garden...
zzz-2024 - museo de rbcdart
Regular newsletters, painting on photographs as my way of doing things, videos, and the joy of finding a brilliant framer