Another SFW Public Newsletter, 5-26-2024

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Another SFW Public Newsletter, 5-26-2024
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Another SFW Monthly Public Newsletter - museo de rbcdart
So I created this newsletter for those people interested in my non-nude, public, and non-sexual stuff only. You know, mostly family and certain friends…

Things continue to become more interesting. June 8th I will have a couple pieces in one of the Oceanside Museum of Art shows. Kayla Murphy (OMA Store Manager) plans to show my miniatures (artcards) in her store during the time my work is up. The opening is from 5 to 7. Some of my family are arriving, looking, and then going out to dinner. I will be there early, and leaving at 7 with Sue to catch the train back to San Diego. I plan to be in Oceanside several hours early to check the sites, pier, and other things. Sue will be with me for that part of the adventure. More people welcome!

I just finished a nice piece from the Ray St Days. 'Accordion Player During Ray at Night 2009, 5-11-2024.

Accordion Player During Ray at Night 2009, 5-11-2024
I think it was a sign on their back that they were carrying and latter set out. Looked like wings at the time…

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