Baer Reveal, 9-19-2022

I backed out of a photo shoot early September. I had a 2nd chance crop up on the 10th of september. I jumped at it. The link to the full post on is here (Link). Below are a few of the SFW pictures.

Baer Reveal, 9-19-2022

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I backed out of a photo shoot early September.  I had a 2nd chance crop up on the 10th of september.  I jumped at it.  The link to the full post on is here:

‘Not Dead Yet’, First Looks
I did the work with Ano. They have been critical over the past decades. We are getting much older and the dialog continues... The Day of the Dead seemed very appropriate as a counterpoint. Tequila remains a staple of the shoots...
Jay Abel is thinking of pushing books as a group of artists. I'm excited. Offered my Pop-up in Hillcrest as a trial store.

There is an interesting book company in Prague called Squared (Link). They make a beautiful and unique layflat book according to the Photo Book Guru. (Link), He was unsure what paper they use. I asked Squared and quickly got a response from Lucie Vosáhlová (Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme High Definition).

Ordered 2 different book styles from Squared with images from the 'Not Dead Yet' shoot along with some magnets and other things. Squared does not (and will not) have an ISBN or digital distribution service. This is fine for me and the booth but not for Jon's master plan of distributing to various book retailers. Lulu or Blurb are likely right now. There a few others in the wings...

Books I have done earlier (much earlier) can be seen and purchased at

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These are mostly photo books, prose is difficult. I am thinking about trying again. Writing was my first art until the prospect of life drawing drew me away (that and a writer’s block). I will add more latter! Link to book related posts and also book downloads (different formats) below.

Using the blocks Brian gave me to create art hangers.  Seems appropriate for this time of year.  I should have them hanging in the booth October and November... $15 dollars sound right?

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