Flat Ball, 1-5-2021

long struggle

Flat Ball, 1-5-2021
close up
Landscape - museo de rbcdart
Artwork dealing with places from the up close to the far distant.

The original photo was taken in a park in La Mesa. It had just rained.  Everything was drying out and looked wonderful.  The ball had been abandoned.

This piece was finished on 10-17-2020.  Richard decided more needed to be done and had it refinished again on 1-5-2021.

A Dremel tool was used to dig lines where drips had been.  An art card of the underprint is mounted in the corner after being mostly destroyed.  Lot of different painting things going on the surface, a lot of sandpaper.

12x16x1.5,” 2 coats Liquitex Acrylic Gloss Varnish, mixed media, collage, under-printed 330gsm Epson HP Natural using Epson Ultrachrome HD Inks glued with Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish onto a primed and prepared cradled panel, Acrylics, F&W inks, Micron pens. Wired and ready to hang.  The sides are painted with Benjamin Moore black chalkboard paint for easy touch-up,

John Keasler:
Really like the depth of the work particular the fence and its shadow.

Richard ChauDavis:
Thank you, there was a lot of going back into this piece, that shadow was late in the game.