One Hand, 8-7-2016

both pieces found a home

One Hand, 8-7-2016
Boots and One Hand being shown around at Bard Hall (UU Art Guild)
Dolls - museo de rbcdart
So I am still in a doll phase. Did a body of work trying to work with it. Photoshoots at the beach with mermaid dolls, the park with more normal ones. Went to swap meets and garage sales trying to find ones that had their hair trimmed, face painted, etc. Hung Barbies on the Christmas tree for qu…

One Hand went through the same portrait shoot as Boots. Pictures from the shoot cover the front and sides of the piece.  One Hand is now in Todd and Mollie's collection.  The idea behind both pieces was to preserve the artifact (dolls) and potentially give them a future after their previous owners abandoned them to a swap meet or yard sale. Below is the final piece and a portrait from a shoot on my garage floor.