Painting Photographs Part 3, 3-30-2024

ground and support

Painting Photographs Part  3, 3-30-2024
cradled panels and one of the underprints for the mirror series

Preparing to paint the image (video 1 minute 21 seconds).
(voice is one of the ones supplied in the Microsoft's Word program to read text... no umms)

When I go to export an image from Lightroom, I need to decide what this instance of the image will be.  Is it going to the Web, becoming a larger artifact or a miniature.  For the mirror pieces a 3 to 1 ratio is better than a 5 by 7 ratio (the artcard ratio).  For these pieces I ordered 4 premium cradled panels 6 by 6” and 6 by 12” from Blicks.  A little glue, some screws, heavy sanding along with a couple of coats of shellac to prevent tannin bleed, then gesso, sealing the sides with Benjamin Moore Black Chalkboard paint, and leveling the seam with Liquitex heavy modeling paste   This created (after sanding again) cradled panels 6x18” Perfect for the underprints I had just created for the mirror pieces. 

I adhered the underprints to the panels by soaking and then applying Liquitex gloss Medium and Varnish to both the panel and the underprint.  After letting things dry, I trimmed the edges flush with a new and sharp razor blade.

During the process I also put D hooks and wire on the back so it would be ready to hang when I was done and while working on it.

In the next video (#4) I will get into my multi-media approach to photography.