Thinking Errors, 10-16-2023

Ways I attempt to stay on the straight and narrow despite my culture.

Thinking Errors, 10-16-2023
one person that is both stronger and faster
Words - museo de rbcdart
Words is kinda a catch . All words, poems, prose, poems, and mutterings. I have tried to incorporate words into paintings. I like writing verse. My books tend to be picture books. I had a writer’s block in college. Over it now.

Trying to eliminate errors in my thinking. Tricks I am using:
1. When I look at person, I visualize them as just a brain. Used to pretend they were white male (like me) but that became problematic.
2. Gender pronouns carry a lot of characteristics that are usually inaccurate and not relevant. I use they and them (formal). This seems to work better for me than the misleading and frequently wrong informal pronouns, he; she, they (informal), them (informal).
3. Racial identifiers (ex. black, asian, white) are loaded with so much misleading baggage that they are useless to me for understanding an individual.
4. Thinking about it a bit, certain phrases just fall apart. Phrases like 'men are...', 'just need to...', 'the Bible says...', and 'they are genetically...'