Rag Mask and Mirror, 06-16-2024

A gentleman's observations during OMA's monthly gathering helped me finish this

Rag Mask and Mirror, 06-16-2024
close up
Artifacts - museo de rbcdart
These are the artifacts, the work I turn out. There is so much time invested in them. They were not made with a market in mind. I did try but so far this having patrons works much better. These artifacts count in my budget as advertising…

This is the first of the mirror series that I started working on. Love the lips (Liquitex Cadmium Medium) and how the white rag took on a lot of character after I messed with it. Underprint for this multimedia piece was suggested by Ano from something she noticed when she was drying her hair, Mixed media, underprint, acrylics, F&W ink, micron pens, gel pen, 2 coats of final Liquitex Gloss Varnish, mounted on two Blicks panels joined together with glue and screws to create a 6x18" panel.