Scripps Pier, Sock Puppet, Chalkboard 3/2013

The sock in the back connects the two mouths. The collector who owns this keeps marbles in the lower mouth

Scripps Pier, Sock Puppet, Chalkboard 3/2013
close up

Titled 'Scripps Pier, Sock Puppet, Chalkboard. 'This work was one of the difficult ones to finish.  It started life as a stereopticon print of Scripps Pier; I did not like it that much and primed over to see what would happen. Did a photo shoot, glued it on, and drew a mustache on her face, and the piece took off from there.

There really is a sock in the back of the piece connecting the two mouths. The edges are painted with chalkboard paint; there is a piece of white conté in the lower mouth that can be used to graffiti the sides... This is a fun, practical, and utterly raunchy piece that won Jurors choice in its last show. The Gallery director Tim Fields looked at me like I had gotten away with murder.

Now in a private collection. 'Scripps Pier, Sock Puppet, Chalkboard.’12.5" x 18.5," mixed media collage.  3/2013 (c) all rights reserved, Richard B ChauDavis