Short Video talking about Doll Process, 08-12-2016

Fun little clip, got me to formalize my doll use ethics.

Short Video talking about Doll Process, 08-12-2016
close up of a doll piece
Dolls - museo de rbcdart
So I am still in a doll phase. Did a body of work trying to work with it. Photoshoots at the beach with mermaid dolls, the park with more normal ones. Went to swap meets and garage sales trying to find ones that had their hair trimmed, face painted, etc. Hung Barbies on the Christmas tree for qu…

Came across this working on the Doll Posts from 2016 and 2017.  I talk a little about the 'ethics' in dolls that I developed.  Just so ya know, these are personal and I have seen wonderful doll pieces done with different sorts of 'ethics.'   Fred Marinello and Diane Hoffman use dolls differently and brilliantly.

My Doll Piece Ethics:
1.) No babies, the younger appearing they are, the more uncomfortable I get using them.
2.) No parts, heads etc.  The doll can be missing a hand or some part (that's normal for both people and dolls).  The doll needed to retain it's character and not be a product from the butcher block.
3.) Respect the toy.  I zip-tied the dolls so they could be taken down and played with again.  My forays to swap meets and garage sales were doll rescues.  If new, the doll was given a photoshoot.  
4.) Action Dolls with movable limbs were better dolls.  Silicone dolls are on a different level, have not yet acquired a Real Doll (other artists have .  Respect and try to understand the triggers pulled by some dolls (social, sexual, and deification among others).