Shoulder 9-7-2006, revised 2023

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Shoulder 9-7-2006, revised 2023
close up 2023 version
Room Service (no tell motel) - museo de rbcdart
I did a motel shoot in 3-25-2004. I created a composite that Joe Flazh! loved and wanted to do a whole show on. There were only 42 images from the shoot and I was (at the time) unable to take more snaps. So over a period of time I created 20 pieces and had a show in San Pedro! Family, interesti…

4-27-2023 Fred asked for and received the 2006 version.  Sometimes the old things are the best.

Shoulder’ was created to act as a poster for the show at Flazh! Alley (i.e. something without sex or nudity).

“...I feel the one image with smiling guy and the shades over the head of the women is kind of insulting and demeaning...” (Diana Jeon, ArtPolitics Discussion Group).

After being shown and reshown, ‘Shoulder’ ended up being used as a floor mat in Trash II.  Hank Gross took it, intending to trim it and hang it on his refrigerator.

'Shoulder' copyright © 9/7/06  Richard ChauDavis (Printed Epson 4800 PLPP, AP Portfolio Edition, 7/6/08), revised 2023
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