The Banana Zone at Art of Pride, 7-16-2019

fun was had by all

The Banana Zone at Art of Pride, 7-16-2019
Art of Pride - museo de rbcdart
Art of Pride at the San Diego Pride Festival is always fun. Good people, it is a wonderful safe spot where people let their hair down and have a really good time. I have tried a lot of interactive pieces there over the years... John Keasler is a saint.

First of all thank you so much to the 36 inventive and creative participants taking an average of 10.5 pictures each.  I will be posting your pictures here as I go through the process of learning the images by creating art cards after which I plan to make underprints and 'work' on them using everything I can grab, micron pens, acrylics, pastel, modeling pastes and gels, sandpaper, a dremel tool... even stripping the underprint away until I am just working on the soft paper behind.  A special thanks also to John Keasler and all his efforts at the Art of Pride in the Pride music festival.  Miguel and Lulu Govea are life savers setting up and tearing down... even taking pictures so Maria and I could sneak off and play at Pride.

If you participated and want me to send you all your images, contact me and tell me how large you want the images and if you want me to edit or leave it to you.  Otherwise, pictures will be appearing in the shoot order (or if someone asks).

For those interested in just this shoot I will be posting those with public access.   Patronage, while deeply appreciated by myself and Maria. is not necessary to see the Banana Pride shoot.