Why not to use workable matte fixative

Experimenting with workable matte fixative

Why not to use workable matte fixative
Close-up of Workable Matte Fix test
Process - museo de rbcdart
I am always testing, playing, trying to get things to the point... these posts are along those lines.

I noticed that the black is fragile on my photographs. I use an Epson p800 which is state-of-the-art. I thought to try a workable Matt and see what I would get. The dark black is where the tape was The Faded areas is where the workable matte fix is. Even with the tape removing some of the black it still looks better than where I sprayed the fix.  The tape peeled the paper in the two white areas on the right hand side. Varnishing after mounting looks much better. The effect was not as noticeable in lighter areas but that really does not help much.