3 Faces, 8-7-2015

3 Faces, 8-7-2015
close up
Ace - museo de rbcdart
An occasional muse. When they come around interesting and unusual things happen. The banana booth is one example. They wish to remain anonymous.

Kinda fun, once again a face overlay on Ace's original drawings, but in reality it just added texture to the original drawings.  All rights reserved (c), 8/7//2015, Richard B ChauDavis and/or Ace.

There are certain parts of the art scene that I found hard.  One of which is paying to show.  As an artist it is important to show.  That need has been twisted and shows had become (maybe still are) something the artist pays for, for friends, fellow artists, and family.  That's fine but there is also the illusion that this is how an artist can make a living.  Really, it's not.  My generation was charged with doing their own art, finding their voice.  They were not taught how to survive while doing it.  I now think, it was a grand experiment that failed those who bought into it.  Sitting alone in Balboa Park at a DAG Show in 2015, I cracked.  I then tried to define what I think would make a worthwhile show and scribbled over one of the pieces I submitted...