Another SFW Public Newsletter, 6-25-2024

Another SFW Public Newsletter, 6-25-2024
Photo courtesy of the Oceanside Museum of Art

Just a reminder, this newsletter is SFW so no nudes or anything above PG. There is Baers Reveal if you want to get the complete picture. You can add or delete newsletters in your account settings. There is an option (As they happen posts) where you are sent an email version everytime I post. If you want just reply to this email and tell me which ones you want or don't want and I will change them for you.

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Another SFW Monthly Public Newsletter - museo de rbcdart
So I created this newsletter for those people interested in my non-nude, public, and non-sexual stuff only. You know, mostly family and certain friends…

I have been working on The Mirror series. So far three have made it out. I have two more I hope to finish but it is not looking good at this point. Here is the one SFW so far:

Rag Mask and Mirror, 06-16-2024
A gentleman’s observations during OMA’s monthly gathering helped me finish this

The opening for my latest group show at OMA went well. At one point it was so crowded that I had a hard time getting from one room to the next.

Photo courtesy of the Oceanside Museum of Art

Kay sent me a killer selfie (NSFW) so I will be turning that into a larger piece (12x16). Wish me luck!

Thinking it is time to do some of the train blur pictures in a larger format

Blurry Train Pics Painted, 2-24-2024
starting to get a handle on these…

My Pride proposal was rejected so I returned all the camping stuff and games. I did find a twister game and some floor pads at Goodwill. I couldn't resist. We will see if that photoshoot happens. Any volunteers? Every time I get down on my knees or put on socks now I shout 'look away' and Maria averts her eyes. Older people playing twister seems like a wonderful idea.

some images cause that is what I do (all on site):

Love to you all, stay cool!