A Week of ArtGymSD at Larry Caveney's 4141 Garage Gallery, 2012

Very fun and it led to things... Supercharged some of the artists participating.

A Week of ArtGymSD at Larry Caveney's 4141 Garage Gallery, 2012
Jonathan, Maria and MJ at work. Karen's assemblage on the right side

If you still like this interactive event.  Something very similar is going on at the Brown Building Wednesday nights, 5 to 10 pm now in 2023.  I plan to go... eventually... call me if your going...

Larry Caveney opened his Garage Gallery in 2012 to Richard and Roberta’s ArtGymSD where it ran for a week from 9 in the morning to 9 at night.  Jonathan Williams was there every day, painting, keeping the doors open...

After a successful run, the Director (Tim) of SDAI invited Richard and Roberta to try it at SDAI in the evenings... that worked out okay as well, although few went from one to the other.  Jonathan remained steadfast and ended up running ArtGymSD at SDAI with Lesley Cortez.

So umm, while working on this post... intending a small break... I saw a 'Wednesday 2' ad which I enjoyed and then I clicked on a 10 best first song audition compilation. Cried with joy, sadness, and wonder as song after song took me. I thought, God Bless, these people, the compilers, these silly venues, these tremendous talents that step briefly into a place where I can see them:

Maria working on an upcoming installation 'Off Center:'

Larry working on various projects:

Fred, Hank, and Karen

MJ, Anna, Jean, Roberta, Philip, and Diana

Jonathan, Nancy, Roberta, and daughter

Morning coffee, working, and evening discussions

The space:

Article by Kinsee Morlan (badly cropped), the rain, the outside:

We did celebrate St Patrick's day wet (2 out of 3 ways).  The closing party also included corned beef and a vegetarian pizza: