Baer Reveal 7-11-22

Did more on the Studio Burlesque series and started on some non-figurative pieces. The links all lead to individual pages with the piece on them. Very enjoyable series to work on. This bulletin falls between two shows, Hillcrest Walk in Art and SD Art of Pride.

Baer Reveal 7-11-22

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Did more on the Studio Burlesque series and started  on some non-figurative pieces.  The links all lead to individual pages with the piece on them.  Very enjoyable series to work on.

Hillcrest's Walk in Art was fun.  Sold 3 pieces (I was told one will be hanging in a local bar), had cocktails with Kim Ogburn.  Teem Stir, Patric Stillman, and the Person from Adam and Eve dropped by.  Reconnected with Frank.  The Change Tree went well.  Kim put a dollar on and then took one of the change bags off.  After counting, Kim discovered he had made 50 cents and declared himself a winner!  Had fun with the person in the booth next to me.  She asked if she could borrow the change tree idea.  I said sure.  She encouraged people to participate.  At the end, while packing up, we were making puns like 'if you can't take Change, you can't make Change.  I encouraged her to participate and she grabbed a bill off the tree topper.  Shortly thereafter she dumped a load of small change from her car onto my table which I cleverly swept into the tree's recycle bucket.  Special thanks to Fred Marinello for donating $42  dollars to hang on the tree... Yes, with Fred, that is a reference to Douglas Adams and the meaning of life.

San Diego Art of Pride is the weekend of 07-16 (Saturday) and 07-17 Sunday.  I will have the Change Tree and my art up, Maria will be there (some of the time) and Angelica will also be dropping by after putting in some volunteer work.  I look forward to the interactions I have with people, seeing old friends, making new ones, and  may even take some pictures... tickets here


Special thanks to our current paying patrons on, Fred Marinello, Larry Caveny, Dodie Gregg, Victoria Chau, and Corrie. You are helping Maria and I a lot.