Baers Reveal, 05-29-2023

if you wonder when the drumroll for AI in Photoshop started...

Baers Reveal, 05-29-2023
Close up of AI Sketch
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Well, spent some money on the computer. It is now in good health but my E drive crashed. Fortunately I had backed it up just prior to it crashing. Unfortunately Creative Cloud backed it up as smart previews so until I get the original dng files back, I am learning the advantages and disadvantages of smart previews...

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Another Public Newsletter (but with none of that naked fooling around) - museo de rbcdart
I was talking to a friend of my brother Bob. They asked if I thought everyone liked Sex. I answered most people, the rest are usually a sad conversation. After the fact, it occured to me that they may have been talking about pictures of sex... So I created this newsletter that is for those people…

The AI Denoise in Adobe Creative Cloud is not the miracle I was hoping for, ah well. Generative AI in Photoshop is fairly marvelous but is extremely handicapped by its self-censoring features (even when using my own images). Odd having a pencil break when it starts to write a word. Waiting for Adobe to get a clue and passively looking for a program creator that already does. Any suggestions? Here is where I will be keeping my AI sketches. Don't worry, I manage to get around the clunky censorship mechanisms to create some interesting images that seem to have stories:

AI Sketch - museo de rbcdart
As the tools become available in a less censoring way, I will be sketching with them. Generative fill in Adobe Photoshop Beta gives me hope. Right now, replacing heads, creating backgrounds, making up stories... a lot of drifting into the dreamscapes.

In Nearly Daily Historical Posts the Ray Street Photos will probably be done by mid-June, I will also continue posting some AI sketches unless the Adobe Photoshop Beta program just gets too clunky.

Here are a few of my favorites images from the last two weeks. below them are links to the posts since the last Baer's Reveal.

Lora and Friends, 10-10-2009
running wild at Ray at Night
Lean Back, 11-14-2009
I think this comes close to what this person was trying for
Man with Hat, 9-12-2009
nice guy, wandering through, his friend also took pictures
Hottest Couple, 10-10-2009
started slow…
Humble, 9-12-2009
learning to be humble
Crazy Eyes, 10-10-2009
crazy eyes
Lean, 10-10-2009
another extraordinary couple
Another Public Newsletter (but with none of that naked fooling around), 5-22-2023
1st issue!
I’m Okay, 10-10-2009
nice guy
Horse Spirit with Wine, (generative AI sketching, 5-23- 2023)
The body and wine are Kay’s the rest is AI created with word prompts.
Sad, 09-19-2009
after the last Guinness
Walking, 11-14-2009
‘walking down the street... Hey, Hey...’
Lying by the Bath in a Storm (generative AI sketching, 5-26-2023)
a lot of creating and destroying to get to this
Sparked (generative AI sketch), 5-28-2023
Bridgett can do mystic…
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