Final On the Way Back Proofs, 10-20-2023

where Maria and I spent the better part of our days on the train

Final On the Way Back Proofs, 10-20-2023
Observation car as the world blurs by
Proofs - museo de rbcdart
I used to print a proof sheet or have a whole roll printed into 4x6 pictures. Now I import into Lightroom to do basic developing and cropping where I can get an idea how to work each individual picture in a set. These are not actual proof sheets (I shredded those). These are basic images that I th…

Well, not so much final, These are after all just first looks. I will revisit the ones I did not publish here time and again. I'm sure the ones I did develop will be redeveloped as well, possibly mounted as underprints and painted. One or two I may just leave as is. Fun vacation, good to be back to work. The dunes north of Santa Barbara have a special place in my heart.