Gushing Over Magical Girls, 01-03-2024

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Gushing Over Magical Girls, 01-03-2024
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Fanart - museo de rbcdart
Someone creates something wonderful and I want to sing along, play with the tune, offer my respects. Some creators encourage this participation, some don’t. I assume they do (unless their Disney). I am willing to destroy it, if they don’t. There is no money in this for me, willing to share if there is.

Perhaps you saw Monty Pythons' skit about one thin mint, and some others. The movie 'In the Realm of the Senses' is another example. The sense of disbelief, 'oh my god,' and frontier fences overrun as you realized that this went further than anything you had been prepared for. 'Gushing...' has none of that horror, using sex and nudity more positively. Still it is bungee jumping. It's just that you did not know you were jumping and that you had a bungee cord until after the fact.

I watched about half of it and ran away the first time. I have seen it listed as tenth (almost apologetically) in a list of the top 10 current worst adultish anime. Yes, the characters get naked, the lead discovers they are a sadist (develops a smile that brought me back for the second half). It is very hard to judge things when all the 'safe' supports have been removed.

Let me scare you away. There is a diaper scene, there is a scene of complete sadistic domination, there is a naked child. None of these do I normally like or accept in my adultish anime. Go away, you do not have to watch this, you have not seen that smile.

Still, if you do, when the credits roll (with actual names), I suspect you will hope, as I do, for a sequel where perhaps the main villain and the enormous villain are redeemed. The cat like character that manipulated all this is unmasked as deranged or very, very, sane, and see a couple of budding love arcs further developed... The characters all have similar genitals... Beyond sex and excretion, I'm not sure what purpose genitals have in that world. A reductive concept I am mentally tasting and enjoying...

Season 1
Hiragi Utena thought she’d transform into a magical girl, but she transformed into a magical-girl-tormenting sadist instead!