Keep it, Post it, or Trash it, 12-13-2020

a learning for me

Keep it, Post it, or Trash it, 12-13-2020
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Social Justice - museo de rbcdart
I tend to step forward in matters of faith, someone being treated poorly, a few hot button issues. I was not up to speed on Black Lives Matter until I spent 2 years saying their names and reading their stories…

The Black Lives Matter yard sign ran into the holidays.  Sending each patron who's address I have the postcard.  For more on my attempt to learn and say the names visit this post collection.

BLM - museo de rbcdart
All pieces and projects that are based on Black Lives Matter or Saying Their Names

Irene Grumman:
I mailed it to my son, who writes about cultural history. First I made a color copy on my home printer and pasted it into a journal accompanying a program in antidotes to racism.

A small group does a Black Lives Matter march from Trolley Barn Park to the big intersection of Park, Washington and El Cajon Blvd every Saturday at 3PM.