Mermaid Beach Shoot, 8-31-2016

A few of my favorites

Mermaid Beach Shoot, 8-31-2016
One Wing swimming out
Dolls - museo de rbcdart
So I am still in a doll phase. Did a body of work trying to work with it. Photoshoots at the beach with mermaid dolls, the park with more normal ones. Went to swap meets and garage sales trying to find ones that had their hair trimmed, face painted, etc. Hung Barbies on the Christmas tree for qu…

Maria and Lora both gave mermaids to Richard (me).  Up until this point the object of the pieces was to do portraits and catch some of the doll’s history, preserve it, and provide the doll a stable place to be stored.  The mermaid dolls were new, no history.  The attempted solution was to do photo shoots at the beach.  This gave the dolls a history and a fun context.  The photographs were latter incorporated with the dolls into final pieces.  Turned out well.