November Patron Letter, 11-14-2021


November Patron Letter, 11-14-2021
stationary by E. Geb

On a personal note (aren't they all), I am halfway through repainting after the house was torn apart (in a good way) by a plumber (Joshua's Plumbing) and a drywall repair/construction team (I don't recommend them).  Maria has her study/gym in the center room now and we have hot running water at the kitchen tap as well as all our plumbing overhead.  No more slab leaks!

This Tuesday, I will have another talk/discussion simulcast on Facebook and Zoom about being in the Fog.  This one is about fear.  Blank Canvas, No Talent, Discouraged by Teacher/Parent/Lover, I Will Never Be as Good as..., It's too Late, I'm too Busy.  Having spent my life trying to enable others in their art while doing mine, I have seen some things.  I would love this to be a discussion rather than a speech but either way it is happening at 5:30 Tuesday on Zoom.  I will check in early and shoot the breeze.  Call me at 619-337-5489 if you have trouble checking in, Zoom info at the end.

The chipmunk version of the last one  (cause I talk tooooo sloooooow) is at  It is about art vampires.

Thank you, your monthly contribution is helping me enter shows which directly helps the art institutions sponsoring them.  I actually got in one with two pieces at the Escondido Arts Partnership Municipal Gallery and 8 (donated pieces) at Oceanside Museum of Arts Teeny Tiny show.

My recommended Patreon Artist to support this month is Derpixon.  They are working on a very interesting animated piece about a shape shifter.  They release bits as they finish them.  I enjoyed the Mime piece and their ongoing trolley piece very much.  Mainly shows their very nasty work although I get occasional glimpses of their other stuff. You can see their artistic development going back quite a ways.  Found them originally through Pornhub.  Here is the link:,  They also post to New Grounds: where you can see and not contribute.

Glued the toys onto Miguel's 5 piece series using the very slow drying Liquitex heavy Gel Medium.  Will do some finish work with the Gel again.  Hopefully at least 3 will meet with Miguel's (hi Miguel) approval!

Thank you so much, remember to claim art and artcards if you want them, Its a perk of being my patron.  I still have plenty available and am making new stuff weekly. Love working with you all, Miguel's series has been a hoot, enjoyed the photoshoot/drawing session with Mark and Kim, The portrait and magazine archives for Kris, the Pride photographs for John to name a few.  Please add your name to the list in some unique way.