Richard and Corrie discuss art making fears, 11-17-2021

fear is the mind killer

Richard and Corrie discuss art making fears, 11-17-2021
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This is an abbreviated version, 37 minutes vs the hour we were actually talking!

Art Terrors:
As a person that does art and encourages others to do the same, I have discovered some reoccurring terrors.
· Blank Canvas: Starting can be very hard.
 o    Laying things out the day before helps.
 o    Playing music reduces other distractions and creates a rhythm.
 o    Subject is important for me. While things always become about  shapes, composition, texture, color and value, content helps or kills the start.
 o    Wandering into the studio and puttering is a good trick. Doing something acts as a crank to the art engine. Once working it is easy to keep working.
 o    I usually stop while there is still something that needs to be done so the next day has an easy start.
 o    Starting several different projects to switch between also helps. This also permits each piece to be reviewed as I spend time with other pieces.
 o    Most of my life I have had, in addition to art, a more than full time job, volunteer work, a family, and 8 hours of sleep. Years at a time I would average an hour a day making my art. It was enough, amazing how productive an hour a day with occasional binges can be.
· I have no talent (so annoying):
 o    Talent is unnecessary and can lead down a wrong path.
 o    Artist’s cheat.
 o    Meaningful practice eventually creates meaningful work
 o    Each stroke counts
 o    Start vague and dial it in
· I was discouraged by a teacher/parent/lover:
 o    Get over it
 o    False Prophets
 o    Many paths up the mountain
 o    Teacher/parent/lover observing something
· I will never be as good as…
 o    Do your stuff
 o    The reason you do art is not the reason you buy art, Pearls are completely different things to the oyster and the jeweler.
 o    The converse is also true, they will never be as good
 o    The first one to stop being  judgmental wins.
· Too late, it will take to long to master the medium
 o    No it won’t, besides mastery is like talent… it won’t save you in front of the blank canvas
· I’m too busy
 o    You must do art as well, like eating, go too long and you break yourself