Old Pumpkin, 9-5-2020

The underprint was of rotting pumpkins in my backyard

Old Pumpkin, 9-5-2020
top view

Claimed by Donatella Soul!

Opened it up so all my patrons can have a painting a year. This one is looking for a home... just saying.  It is getting close to October.

This started as a photo of a rotting pumpkin in my backyard.  The underprint was interesting but needed development.  Used acrylics, micron pens, washes, etc. This made the image more interesting and easier to look at.

12x16x1.5," 3 coats Liquitex Acrylic Gloss Varnish, mixed media, Acrylics, micron pens, underprinted Epson 300lb Hot Press Natural with Epson Ultrachrome HD inks. 2020, Mixed Media, SaatchiArt

Donatella Soul:
Oh, I so love this!
Gourdgeous! Thank you!

Richard ChauDavis:
thanks, I know it looks a bit squashed.