Comic-Con, 9-5-2020

the escalators at SD Comic Con

Comic-Con, 9-5-2020
close up
Artifacts - museo de rbcdart
These are the artifacts, the work I turn out. There is so much time invested in them. They were not made with a market in mind. I did try but so far this having patrons works much better. These artifacts count in my budget as advertising…

Fred Marinello claimed this one!  That was quick!

I was resting at Comic-Con and snapped a picture of myself, a stranger and Lora in a reflection. The resulting photograph was interesting but flawed. I decided to use it as an underprint. After some charcoal, acrylics and micron pens I was able to capture the flatness and sense of place implied in the original snap but not realized. Of course now it is all painterly with brushstrokes, texture and varnished glossiness which makes it more of meal than a snack.

12x16x1.5," 3 coats Liquitex Acrylic Gloss Varnish, mixed media, Underprinted, Acrylics, micron pens, charcoal