Pain From Below

So much fun working on the Epson Natural after the top layer is peeled off.

Pain From Below
Abstract Art - museo de rbcdart
For Richard, An abstract piece tends to happen when he’s responding to the ground, the paint, the razor blade, and whatever music might be playing… void of representation...

Roberta Kuntz picked up this piece in 2019.

Stu Schwartz (patron) named this piece.  Started life as a photo from the table muse series but was eventually peeled and then came back to life as this piece.  Multimedia, Archival Ink Micron Pens, Acrylic.  The blue lines were created by using a razor and F&W Ink,  There a metallic white in pats of the background created with F&W ink (archival). The black goes down to the wood substrate (Dremel tool).  12" x 12" x 1.5"  Signed on the back and ready to hang.