Priming over Anti Graffiti Urethane

Tested the adherence of the Acrylic Gloss Medium to the XIM a little early

Priming over Anti Graffiti Urethane
Close up showing partial lifting of uncured Acrylic Gloss Medium on XIM
Process - museo de rbcdart
I am always testing, playing, trying to get things to the point... these posts are along those lines.

Some lifting but I'm impressed

I sanded a anti-graffiti urethane, coated it with XIM and then right away did acrylic gloss medium and varnish by Liquitex period to aggravate things I waited about three hours and then tape the whole thing. I can't tell you how many disasters were possible by doing it this way. Instead the XIM held and I had about 50% retention of the acrylic gloss medium. So what's on there is on there hard. Texture won't show when I mount the photograph over the top of this.  Since I use the Acrylic Gloss medium to adhere the image, the prime coat over XIM will be complete