Survivor 3068 Finished and Posted, 10-2-2019

It was actually the other breast

Survivor 3068 Finished and Posted, 10-2-2019
close up of back
Social Justice - museo de rbcdart
I tend to step forward in matters of faith, someone being treated poorly, a few hot button issues. I was not up to speed on Black Lives Matter until I spent 2 years saying their names and reading their stories…

This piece was created with an underprint (#3068) from a photo taken during a performance piece at the Unofficial Art Fair 2018 held in hotel rooms at the Lafayette Hotel.

I was photographing people brushing their teeth and/or showing their scars. In return for modeling, I gave participants a print of the shoot.  I had a printer set up in the room.

This piece has been attacked with a Dremel tool, scribbled on with a micron pen, painted with metallics and acrylics, sanded, and leveled with heavy gel medium.  12x16x1.5, finished with Liquitex Gloss Varnish.