Chat from 4369 Underprint, 9-27-2019

Zara, Ibeth, and Helem

Chat from 4369 Underprint, 9-27-2019
close up
The Banana Zone at Art of Pride, 7-16-2019
fun was had by all

The three in this all started with the same underprint. The image was taken from the photoshoot of people with bananas at 2019 Art of Pride. Thank you Zara, Ibeth, and Helem!

Each piece in the series has metallic inks (which do not scan well), acrylics, micron pens. One has heavy abrasion and gel medium afterwards. All have 2 coats of final varnish, Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish.

Art Cards (ATC or ACEO), 2.5x3.5" on 300lb Epson Hot Press Natural Paper, the underprint was done Epson Ultrachrome HD inks.