Another SFW Public Newsletter, 4-22-2024

Vacationing and committing acts of art maintenance

Another SFW Public Newsletter, 4-22-2024
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Another SFW Monthly Public Newsletter - museo de rbcdart
So I created this newsletter for those people interested in my non-nude, public, and non-sexual stuff only. You know, mostly family and certain friends…

My latest instalment on how I am doing the artwork is posted here:

Painting Photographs Part 3, 3-30-2024
ground and support

I also went over all the tags on site (Tags at the top of each post). Here is the link:

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Maria and I returned to Santa Barbara and spent 4 days at the Riviera Beach Hotel on State St. We had a very good time and caught up with Sherrill who never left Santa Barbara. We did it all by train. The hotel is a short walk from the train station and within walking distance of many wonderful things in Santa Barbara.

Plodding along in the art world... Hope soon to have several pieces done. Best wishes!