Bad Santa

Bad Santa
Bad Santa 2nd of 4 in series
Interactive - rbcdart
Often at a show, pop-up, of festival I do something interactive. This tends to make things more interesting for me and the people walking by. Sometimes I set up odd situations like brushing teeth or begging. Often I am taking pictures and handing out prints. Sometimes people also sign model rele…

Larry Caveney came up with an idea.  This was at the 2018 Hotel/Motel Unofficial Art Fair at the Lafayette Hotel in San Diego.  People would confess their coal worthy deeds to Bad Santa.  We promoted it.  

Unfortunately when the time came Larry had to be somewhere else so Richard stepped in.  The bathroom became the throne room, the toilet became the throne.  Stephanie sat on Richard's lap and told a wicked story from her childhood.  It happened in the woods...  There were flames...  

These miniatures all have the same underprint.  Micron pens, 5-2022, Acrylics, mixed media.  2.5x3.5" varnished with Liquitex Gloss Varnish front and back.