Baer Reveal, 12-12-2022

Lot of updated nuts and bolts

Baer Reveal, 12-12-2022
Close-up of a new post about 'Milk'

Well, the site has had a complete makeover.  Time to start going there!  Very pretty, new navigation, even this bulletin looks better on the site instead of in your mailbox (gallery display of images and a nice header image).  Click the link below to see this and the rest of the (corrected and updated) bulletins.

Bulletin - museo de rbcdart
Every 2 weeks I post a summary (rated pg) of what’s been going on or what I hope will be going on. This is the newsletter that both free and premium subscribers get.

I am up to around 200 posts.  I expect that will triple before too long. Currently going over all the old posts I had on Patreon and improving them.  After that, in addition to what's happening now, I expect to post what happened from college (44 years ago) to now.  For better or worse it will be a museum of my art life.  I have had good years, embarrassing years, and bad years.  Sometimes all at once.

All these posts have tags.  These tags have URL's of their own so a person can go to them directly and see a picture and synopsis of each post with that tag.  Went back and created year tags (zzz-XXXX) when I realized how useful that might be. Right now there are a lot of tags, but there are less than there might be... working on a tag creation philosophy...  I have kept Nude and Sexual as tags simply because I am usually disappointed when a site search engine does not have them.  I have created a Public tag (in the site header) because I want to make it easy for Free and Unknown people to breeze in and actually see what is visible to them.  The bulletins are always public.  Tags are accessible in the top right corner search box of each post or page.  Here is a link to what I have posted so far on Zoe's tag:

Zoe Tantrum - museo de rbcdart
Model, Muse, performer, musician, artist and all around interesting person. aka Zoe Sol

I've (finally) defined what Unknown Visitors, Free Subscribers, Comped Subscribers, and Premium Subscribers are:
Unknown Visitors see public posts, bulletins, and a public cropped image of what is in the other posts.
Free Subscribers see the same as Unknown Visitors but receive the Public Biweekly Newsletter in addition.
Comped Subscribers are the same as Premium Subscribers but they are not (or no longer are) sending me monthly donations.
 Premium Subscribers see everything, can have all posts emailed to them (reply All to this bulletin) or just the public bulletins (do nothing).  Premium Subscriptions have different tiers and monthly amounts.  Right now Yearly Subscriptions are not available but will be when this site is more stable.  The different amounts are to allow people to give support in an amount they think right.  The Tiers are $5, $15, and $25 a month.  Very open to other amounts. These are simply the amounts that current Premium Subscribers are supporting me with.  Their support keeps my work public, pays fees for shows, keeps this site live, and funds interactive performances.  
All Subscribers are great emotional support for me.  

Here are some of the images I have uncovered recently, on site they would be in gallery view, in your inbox they are linear:

Special thanks to our current paying patrons on, Fred Marinello, Larry Caveny, Dodie Gregg, Victoria Chau, and Corrie. You are helping a lot.