I started thinking that if Jesus was really saving us from the mistakes we made in Eden and other parts of the Bible, then as a Christian, I could perhaps have done better than those there at the time...

Close-up of Chronicles 22:8
Words - rbcdart
Words is kinda a catch . All words, poems, prose, poems, and mutterings. I have tried to incorporate words into paintings. I like writing verse. My books tend to be picture books. I had a writer’s block in college. Over it now.

Three books fading
The causes are plain
Faithless disabling
The breaking of bones
God lost to fantasies
False prophets
speaking deranged

I started thinking that if Jesus was really saving us from the mistakes we made in Eden and other parts of the Bible, then as a Christian, I could perhaps have done better than those there at the time...

Alternate Ending Genesis 18:33

33 When the Lord had finished speaking with Abraham, he left, and Abraham walked down to Sodom to be counted as one of the 10.

Remember asking for a prophet.
Remember asking for a king.
Both of them to be
Inoculations and protections from
The terrible face of God
Churches mind numbing ceremony
Soulful shouts tears and babble
All of this acting as
Inoculations and protections from
The terrible face of God

I understand myself, my faults, and my blessings
I am a creep; people I value are repulsed and gone.
I am a rock, I can hold place in a raging river, for a while.
As God is my companion, few can hold too me;
I’m too twisted with misconception, respect and lust to bind.
I am joyful, if turned; I turn back, a phoenix for inner joy.
I am loyal; I give my life in years, not in a moment’s sacrifice.
I forgive easily, forget easily, love easily, and walk away slowly.
As God is my companion, I miss those gone
But I am a creep.

we are blessed with death and pain.
True or not, it plays the same.

Past gone future dead
Holding my dick
Playing in my head

5 Prophet and Priest
Prophet sat at the table, his eye’s closed, eating soup from a chipped cup. The thought, “she has cancer” came and stayed. He forced himself to finish.

Her daughter had handed him the cup full, this was their charity... Prophet thought, I am a charity. I sit next to a charity who sits next to a charity; He got up and went slowly to the kitchen.

Not looking at the Kitchen Man’s face, he said, “thank the cook” and turned to go. Kitchen Man said wait, I’ll get her. Ann came drying her hands, Prophet swayed. He was embarrassed, could smell her. Ann smelled like soap. Eventually, struggling Prophet forced his gaze up. “Your” he croaked, “cancerous” then looked down, and shuffled towards the door.

Kitchen Man said “I’m so sorry.” Ann turned away “its okay, its okay…”

Prophet made it to the apartment, showered, lay on his bed. Sleep came in one hour intervals until dawn.

A few weeks latter:

Priest looked up from his breakfast, saw Prophet staring at him.

Priest offered his coffee, “I’ll drink yours when it comes… heard you were at the shelter.”

Prophet nodded.

“Ann’s daughter was hysterical, made her mother promise to get checked.”

Prophet nodded again.

“Ann stopped helping at the shelter. Doctor didn’t find anything.”

Prophet remained still, staring into what was now his coffee.

They eventually parted in silence.

In God's hands
Prophets pass it on
False ones pass falsehoods
True ones pass truths
Evil ones just keep quiet
Like the cowardly ones do

Alternate Responses for Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:12

The man said, “Forgive me Lord for I have sinned, I ate of the apple and know now about good and evil and truly I am dead, lost in a maze lacking discernment to use this knowledge. Look at me dressed in a fig leaf distorting the image you created me in. See me cowering in the bushes from you my creator. One who has made this garden and given me such a wonderful place in it. Crazy ideas and fears have entered my head blinding me to you and stealing from me joy in your presence and the peace of your garden.

13 Then the LORD God said to the woman, “What is this you have done?”

The woman said, "Lord I made a terrible mistake. Not only have I eaten the apple but I also talked Adam into sharing it with me. I pray you forgive him. I also pray you forgive the snake who is but a creature that you gave Adam and I to name and care for. I should have set an example rather than ohh Lord, I too am lost in a maze... I feel guilt and am full of self-judgments. Like Adam I am lost, flailing about unable to right my wrongs. I am praying for your mercy, forgiveness and help. I am praying for myself, for Adam, and for the snake.

14 So the LORD God said...

Another View on Really Practical Christian Theology

Pastors, Teachers, Parents, Friends and Drinking Companions are deluged with requests to resolve other people's problems. As one who naturally attracts people's innermost secrets and wide eyed requests for council, I thought I would share some conclusions I have come to in this process. I hope this helps the next time you are put on the spot.

First, your advice will be ignored. The person you are talking to is intimately aware of the problem and what 'should' be done to fix it. Most likely while ignoring your advice they will continue to think you wise and seek you out again and again. This is actually somewhat of a relief and eventually makes these BS sessions more fun.

Second, some problems are life threatening, take the persons' hand and walk them to a professional and offer support in terms of cups of coffee, hugs and an open heart. Your advice is not really required. Your love is. If someone is talking about suicide things have gone too far and it is time to act involving people who have made such cases their life's work.

Third, there is a lot of confusion out there. You will find all sorts of misunderstandings of Christ and his words. I counter this by wearing my faith openly like a comfortable jacket in winter or an appealing bathing suit in summer.

Now since we have covered the 'call 911 if' situations, I will share things that have made it easier for me to share my faith and talk with people of all different walks.

I have a personal relationship with Christ (Holy Spirit? I am bad with names). I sought and was answered... I'm comfortable with it. I even enjoy those jokes about having a large invisible rabbit for a friend.

I believe in miracles. Look, I believe in an omnipotent creator, why start having trouble with virgin birth, water to wine, staffs to snakes, sun standing still, and parting waters... I will confess some relief that God designed things well and miracles are not needed or occurring in an intrusive way.

My mortality helps me to do things as best I can. My study, understanding and faith in Christ's words and teachings have convinced me that in following him I will have the best life possible right now (no need to wait). Heaven is a great gift but it is a gift not a payment. The company of the Holy Spirit through my life is a comfort and joy to me. It may allow me to make flapping motions when I accidently fall off the cliff.

I do not judge, that is the big mistake. Making judgements is the original sin that leads to things like covering up with fig leaves and blaming the spouse. Attempting judgment without omnipotence is pointless and counterproductive. Judgment is the Lords...

I trust in how God made me, I try to avoid actions of fear like putting on fig leafs and preemptive strikes. I understand the Lord loves me and wishes me well in my uniqueness. I understand that if I get together (living the word) with one or two other people and we want to do something, Christ will back us.

I understand amateur theology papers should be one page or less...