Fruit Saint (with bananas), 8-20-2020

just could not put this in a safe place

Fruit Saint (with bananas), 8-20-2020
close up
Destroyed - museo de rbcdart
Destroyed, peeled, painted over, or thrown away is not the same as never created or abandoned.

Area's in the face started to annoy me, tried some things and then peeled the entire piece officially destroying it.

Started as a photo collaboration with Ace during a fruit shoot.

We Researched it a bit.  There are all sorts of cultural references; Josephine Baker; the large and public protest over the censorship of work done by Natalia LL in Warsaw; the Chiquita sponsored death squads (alleged) in Columbia; and, the really catchy Chiquita commercials with Monica Lewis (deceased).  The fun aspect was also a large part of the process.

I mounted a 300lb Hot Press underprint on primed and cradled hardboard. Worked for several days on the piece, creating texture, using heavy gel medium, acrylics, metallic acrylics, micron pens.

12x16x1.5," 3 coats Liquitex Acrylic Gloss Varnish, mixed media, Black on sides, wired and ready to hang.