Heart Problems Resolved (3 x Cabbage), 12-17-2018

never quite the same, partially because it was a long slow slide, now I am on a long slow climb. 180 may not be a realistic goal...

Heart Problems Resolved (3 x Cabbage), 12-17-2018
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Last shows with Fred, Lafayette, Stu taking showers, Triple bypass, stock photography, cell phone photo shoots…

7/23/2023  Looking at the preop photos (after gardening) it occurred to me that animals are actually mobile plant system.  Veins are like roots...

12/29/2018 Had the surgery on the 17th and emerged from the hospital on Christmas Day.  Thought I would just list some of the scenes here...

  • Pre-Surgery Prep:      No memory, put on the robe and was gone.  Lora said I eventually looked like a character from Ghost in the Shell,  tubes going in and out from the neck, belly and maybe thigh.
  • ICU recovery:      (Still no memory)  Nobody could wake me.  Not even Maria, tears pouring unchecked, urging in warm loving tones.  I was very annoying, just wanted to sleep.  A large tube down the throat to keep me breathing.  There is a time limit on how long those air tubes can stay in.  The nurse practitioner made a call and pulled it with four minutes to spare.
  • Hospital:  In the middle of the night there was an ice fairy.  After she left, I got up and sipped on cool ice chips, it was wonderful.
  • Home: Yesterday the libido began to return.  Dreamt I was being kissed by two very attractive people in a pickup truck.  Woke to the APAP machine.

12/2018 Well it is settled, Double Bypass (ended up triple) on 12/17/2018.  I will do the Hotel/Motel show right before and then have the surgery.  I expect that I will take a couple weeks off and then resume posting to this site late December or early in January.  There is a lot of stuff from my past I have not posted, and I hope the show goes well and I will be able to start the brushing teeth and sharing scars theme.

11/2018 Mounted three of the images and took them to the surgeon. He said that he uses the video to check things... Ended up peeling the photos to create that mounted soft paper surface to use in another piece.

11/10/2018 So, in figuring things out, professionals took these images showing the veins (arteries?) around my heart.  One of them is vague, another congested. The printouts I was handed fascinate me. I scanned 6 of them and started playing with them.  I like 3. This is how it looks when I get ready to send something to the printer in Adobe Lightroom.  These images are headed for an Epson 13x19 metallic sheet.