Life Size Raku Figures, 1998

these were so cool

Life Size Raku Figures, 1998
close up
Maria ChauDavis - museo de rbcdart
Partner, Artist, Inspiration, Critic…

Maria assembled these figures from pre-shaped raku fired shards she created at Grossmont College around 1998.  This is how they originally looked.  They have changed over the years.  Displaying them on a bed of salt definitely had an effect...

Stu Schwartz
I love these!

Richard ChauDavis:
I am having fun digging up old negatives and scanning them in, more to come.

John Keasler:
Do you still have these available for display?

Richard ChauDavis:
Yes, they assemble horizontally, the colors have changed... Some salt damage. We could assemble them again and send you a picture or have you over after we have put them together... ?