Study of Alternative Ceramic Firing Techniques, 9-15-1998

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Study of Alternative Ceramic Firing Techniques, 9-15-1998
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Study of Alternative Ceramic Firing Techniques

Grossmont College
199 Special Studies Proposal
Fall, 1998

Maria ChauDavis

The goal of this study is to explore some of the alternatives to standard cone 6 to cone 8 glaze firing of ceramic work. There are a few special methods I would use:
Wet Firing- A low fire technique involving a series of wet pieces fired to a sequence of cone temperatures with a variety of different materials packed against the clay piece.
Sagger Firing- this technique has much in common with the firing previously noted since materials are packed against the piece to be fired.
(Perhaps a combination of the two techniques will be feasible.)
Low Fire Soda Fuming- A technique Paul Soldner demonstrated at a workshop at Grossmont College.
High-Fire Techniques- If time permits, I would like to explore variations in sagger and soda firings at higher temperatures.

Documenting the methods will be part of the process of this study. Notes and photographs will be taken of the techniques used.  

Renae Dower:
These are lovely! I also greatly enjoy making pottery, and the salt glaze is fascinating.
Maria ChauDavis:
Renae I also love salt firing, it's fussy, but there is really nothing like.

John Keasler:
Compelling work. Almost too realistic to be comfortable.
Maria ChauDavis:
John, They hard to look at, very emotional. I wanted to reference human suffering, at the time friends were dying. I was using the clay and process to talk about the loss.