Looking Down, 2-1-2024

developing a little mini-style involving what seems to be smeared lipstick and eye color.

Looking Down, 2-1-2024
closer and closer
Faces or - museo de rbcdart
A while back I made a small push for selfies. Not much came from it but I find myself turning back to it under the theme Faces or. Right now I am turning out Artcards (2.5x3.5″ miniatures) of either Faces or Asses, sometimes other parts. Frankly it is a lot of fun.

I have a lot of video snaps from a 2 minute zoom clip where Kay modeled for me. I have a lot of portrait snaps in the mix. Kay is very expressive even when they are not trying... using an archival underprint, traditional and archival art mediums. This piece is 2.5 x 3.5" and has a coat of Liquitex Acrylic Varnish to protect it (UV resistant).

In this process I decided to go from calling the series 'Faces and Asses' to just 'Faces Or'