San Diego Art Goat, 2-1-2024

Talk to me if you would like to make a pilgrimage (with me) to see Fred!

San Diego Art Goat, 2-1-2024
Close up of what I did to Fred's wonderful picture
Faces or - museo de rbcdart
A while back I made a small push for selfies. Not much came from it but I find myself turning back to it under the theme Faces or. Right now I am turning out Artcards (2.5x3.5″ miniatures) of either Faces or Asses, sometimes other parts. Frankly it is a lot of fun.

Fred, bless his soul, sent me a couple of photographs for the 'Faces Or' series I am working on.

Also, I nominate Fred to be San Diego's Art G.O.A.T. Prodigious and varied output. Taught teachers and students for 40 years in the region, veteran of both the Marines and the Peace Corps. He has supported and influenced me and others for years. He also makes very good pizza. This piece is 2.5x3.5" mixed media, underprint, acrylics and micron pens.