Ahh the Crows, 2-2-2024

I think the one on the left calmly kept the one on the right from taking off.

Ahh the Crows, 2-2-2024
Twa Corbies
Proofs - museo de rbcdart
I used to print a proof sheet or have a whole roll printed into 4x6 pictures. Now I import into Lightroom to do basic developing and cropping where I can get an idea how to work each individual picture in a set. These are not actual proof sheets (I shredded those). These are basic images that I thought were interesting at first and second glance. I think these personally curated proofs are like another artist’s personally curated ‘sketch book.’

Well, soooo, it's like this. The deadline for the Crow Show at the Studio Door had arrived. I have been pursuing other interests. Things like Studio Mirror, Faces Or, Landscapes Out a Train Window, training up my replacement hip, discovering the perfect art card frame... Still on the last day to submit, two crows were preoccupied with each other on a telephone wire across from my house. I was hesitant because last time I photographed a crow, the bird gave me a dirty look. These crows seemed more casual so I went and got my camera and in a relaxed but visible manner shot 12 quick pictures. Look out Crow Show 2025! No way was I rolling out a one day wonder.