Another SFW Public Newsletter, 12-25-2023

We are breaking bones here!

Another SFW Public Newsletter, 12-25-2023
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Julenisse abuse and reconciliation, 12-24-2023

A much abused Julenisse brought out (very late) with their sheep and grog (Spiced Rum). They did not save us from a series of accidents (they may have caused some of them) locked away with the other Christmas items... Richards broken hip, Maria's fall, Laura's fall, flooded toilet, just to mention a few. Stu and Karl's 'get well flowers,' Angie's 'remember when' coffee (in the back). Julenisse ChauDavis is a gift from Bob and Mary Alette given a two or three decades ago.

I am another Ladder-Christmas-Lights statistic:
Results of ER evaluation from a doctor I enjoyed working with (edited):
Medical Decision Making:
Pleasant 67-year-old male status post fall. Did not hit his head no loss of conscious no blood thinners do not think CT imaging of his head is indicated. He does have pain to the right hip. He has abrasions to the right elbow with no bony deformity. He has tenderness to the right shoulder. Otherwise x-rays unremarkable except for hip fracture. Patient is Sharp Rees Stealy Insurance, I discussed this patient with the Sharp Rees Stealy hospitalist as well as orthopedist who accept transfer and he will be transferred to Sharp (more for insurance).
1.Hip Fracture Plan:
Interfacility Transfer Referral for suspected pre-hypertension or hypertension was given.
CC:Karnik MD, Prachi

This all means that I took no serious damage other than a broken hip. You can see part of the x-ray below.

So touched having this doctor call me a pleasant 67 year old man. My treatment at Grossmont Medical and Sharp Memorial was incredible. I was taken to a room, evaluated in that room, and then given an ambulance ride to Sharp Memorial where I went straight to another room where I awaited surgery. Over the course of 4 days I met a lot of people and got fascinating glimpses into their worlds. I am home now and on the mend. Cross your fingers that this catheter comes out and that part of me returns to normal. Full recovery in a year, driving 2-4 weeks. Already I am functioning well, making my own coffee in the morning...

Right now in my art I am creating images for the 5x5 Teeny Tiny fundraiser for the Oceanside Museum of Art. My work has raised some money in the past 2 years. I hope to do the same in 2024. These pieces are all NSFW.

In an experiment funded by my subscribers/patrons with presentation. I am paying a fine art framer around $300 to frame one piece, and possibly much more to frame another in a very custom way. I am now asking prices for my art that compensate me. This makes framing a possibility again.