My Flower 12/26/2013

great couple, enjoyed their extended family at Art of Pride as well

My Flower 12/26/2013
close up 
Mostly Square Artifacts 2013 - museo de rbcdart
The work I took on after leaving my leadership position at ArtGymSD at SDAI’

This is the 2nd to last in the 2013 series of painted, collaged, and tormented photographs. The couple responded to the question 'What are you proud of?' at the Pride office on 30th street in North Park San Diego. A wonderful couple with an interesting history, the one on the left is an artist.

My Flower is 8"x 8" mixed media, collage on a cradled Blick's panel. All rights reserved, (c) copyright 12/26/2013 Richard B. ChauDavis