October Patron Newsletter, 10-2-2021

bunch of things happening

October Patron Newsletter, 10-2-2021
posting signs of people lynched, killed by police, or done extraordinary things
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A biweekly newsletter aimed at all audiences showing what Richard has been posting in the last 2 weeks. Links in the newsletter lead back to the original post on www.rbcdart.com which may or may not be for all audiences.

Good afternoon, Patrons,

First off please welcome The Studio Door as a fellow patron. We are so honored! On a sad note, Sister Donatella has moved on to support and work with others. They will be sorely missed but I will still follow their adventures. I think they are setting up a studio with a couple of other artists I admire very much.

This month there are some things going helped by your generosity and ideas!
· Saying their names, reading their stories continues
· Miguel wants something made of old childhood toys he and 2 of his friends used to play with in the 90’s. So Richard is creating 12x12” pieces that can hold a comic for each of the 5 characters. Each hero or antihero has their own comic and background. No zip tying the toy Marvel figures but burning, mutilating them, and working them into the cover piece instead.
· Richard is creating 12 studies (5x5”) from the train series for OMA’s TeenyTiny Art fundraiser. OMA will sell each of them. All the money goes to OMA.
· Mark wants to do a live model shoot. We are working out the details. Model will be female this time and it will be a group shoot or draw. If interested contact Richard. We want to do this in October. We will pay the model from my Patreon account.
· Because of Covid19 Delta Richard is not doing any Pop-ups for October, may reconsider after he gets the booster.
· Richard destroyed quite a few pieces last month. The train series is 1 keeper out of 4 attempted (why he is now doing studies). If you see something you like, please ask for it. Our studio is not a safe environment for finished works.
· Maria is creating windows into our walls in order to frame the beautiful new copper pipes and wiring. She is using saranwrap and orange tape. Richard will post more pictures soon. This is temporary. We hope the drywall repair person (Luis) will be amused.

As you might have guessed, Richard is all in on Patronage now. He does assign prices and advertise on Saatchiart.com/rbcd but patrons are much more helpful spiritually and financially than the too rare one-time buyer. As our Patron if you want to give more, please do. We can use it. If you want to give less, please do. Your monthly support is what counts the most.

Thanks so much,

Richard and Maria ChauDavis