Postcards from the Edge 2020, 1-3-2020

think I got this back...

Postcards from the Edge 2020, 1-3-2020
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This is about shows I’m in, giving, generally participating in some fashion. I make therefore I show.

This postcard was created for Postcards from the Edge 2020, held at January 3-5 at Bortolami, 39 Walker St, Tribeca to benefit   VISUAL AIDS, 526 W 26th St #510, New York, NY.  10001

That said, I blew it thinking that they simply wanted postcards sent. There was an entrance ...*   Card is in the mail, only one submission per artist, maybe they will be kind. I think it will be a much cooler piece this way rather than what they needed.  *

4.25 x 6" archival photo, light spray Krylon Workable fixative.  1 of 1