Ray Street / North Park Nights, 2009, 2010

Ray at Night was a lot of fun for quite a while. Latter Art gave way to Beer, which is much more marketable and tastes better.

Ray Street / North Park Nights, 2009, 2010
Card I created
Ray St / NP Nights - museo de rbcdart
At one time there were quite a few galleries on Ray St. giving birth to Ray at Night... ah well. I had fun with Hank doing my blurry picture thing. He played assistant and sold his work on the side. He latter ran a pop-up gallery on Ray at Night. Historical Daily posts for Ray at Night will be a…

Hank Gross and I went to 'Ray at Night' and 'North Park Nights' to do and sell our art.  We were eventually driven out with the other street artists.  No hard feelings, the venue was starving. We were also not making any money.

Ray at Night drew crowds that drank the wine, ate the food, and looked at the art, but they did not buy art, tickets, or make donations. There were different attempts to make money.  Beer eventually moved in.  People supported that.  Still, it was glorious and fun for a long stretch.  All sorts of things went on...

During the event I would snag passerby's and offer to create (for free) a blurry print of them in an alley.  Hank acted as assistant, sold his work, and generally goofed around.

I did receive some donations.  Several wonderful images were created.  For this post, I have color corrected, applied all sorts of fixes, and given the images a color and brightness that was not discernible in the low and very unbalanced light of the venue.  Here is a picture of myself, Hank, and the two alleys we worked in off Ray St.