The Faces of Fred, 9-23-2023

Great friend (and artist)

The Faces of Fred, 9-23-2023
Faces or - museo de rbcdart
A while back I made a small push for selfies. Not much came from it but I find myself turning back to it under the theme Faces or. Right now I am turning out Artcards (2.5x3.5″ miniatures) of either Faces or Asses, sometimes other parts. Frankly it is a lot of fun.

Just to be clear, rarely does someone play along.  Actually, people I love are doing it all the time.  Still, when it happens, I deeply appreciate it.  Fred sent these pictures in response to a request I made in another post ( I am very grateful and looking forward to working on them!  These are before and after pictures.  He called the after picture with the trimmed hair Butt Head.