Michael and Ananda brushing Teeth 2778, 4-7-2019

they do some interesting photography themselves

Michael and Ananda brushing Teeth 2778, 4-7-2019

APR 26, 2019 AT 1:28 PM

Artifacts - museo de rbcdart
These are the artifacts, the work I turn out. There is so much time invested in them. They were not made with a market in mind. I did try but so far this having patrons works much better. These artifacts count in my budget as advertising…

Fellow exhibitors at the event wanted to be the first to try this (were 2nd).  Several good blurry pictures of the two of them.

This piece started at the Hotels/Motels (Unofficial Art Fair 2018), December 14 & 15, in a photo shoot of these two and others brushing their teeth or showing their scars.  The base images were all created in Room 110’s bathroom at the Lafayette Hotel.  I attempted to take long exposure photographs.  This was to get blurry pictures (mixed success).  I have since been using digital files in my art, mostly to create underprintings.  So far, the shoot has helped me with some very nice digital prints, web art, art cards, and mixed media pieces.