12:30 pm Daily Studio Social, 6-14-2020

did quite a few and then moved on

Chats - museo de rbcdart
Video chats like on Zoom or Crowdcast. These are usually edited after the meeting and stored on Vimeo and here (if not deleted). Latest Zoom can be found at https://www.rbcdart.com/upcoming-video-chats/

Experimenting here.  I was using Zoom because it was unrecorded and I could work and visit with people, some of whom were also working.  The limitation to one person or 45 minutes unless having a set up account was hard.  GetVokl is a possibility but so far I'm a Crowdcast puppy.

For right now I do not want to record and store these sessions, rather just work and talk (or not) with other(s).

This is how it will work.  Open to Patrons or others who have sent me their email and said they would like to be included.  6 people at any one time on screen. If more than 6 people want to visit I can go live and the people that want to be seen or heard can alternate.  Everyone would be able to see and use the message board.  When you log onto the link (above) I will send you an invite.  To make sure you are ready to play check out this link.

Could be a daily thing... anyway I will try it.  I like the idea of daily...